A2 pencil drawing – Jackson family wedding tree

78 hours in the making, this was easily one of the most daunting compositions I have done in a while. I put this together from 3 different photos of the weddings in a triangular composition, and finally added the flowers that primarily made up the primary bride’s bouquet, white roses and baby’s breath, to put a base to the triangle.

The couple in the centre are Tracy and Kenneth Jackson on their wedding day. To the right of Tracey are her parents, Les and Emma, and to the left of Kenneth are his parents, Jaco and Elsby. This was an anniversary present commissioned by Tracey for Kenneth. Being a professional framer, Tracey sneakily framed it and put it up on the wall for Kenneth to discover.

I put my newfound cotton earbud drawings skills to use in achieving the subtle shading on the lace wedding dresses and faces; and reverted to my old favorite of Prestick to lighten the shading / remove lines as required.

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