90 hours to completion, this definitely tops the list of the works I took the longest to do.

This was a unique work in that I had no final photo to work from, but had a series of photos of the aircraft on the ground, separate photos of the landscape, separate photos of the crew in the desired position, separate photos of the unique testing equipment in the desired position and lots of input from the client to work from.

The aircraft is the BushCat light sport aircraft, and this particular one underwent a great deal of test flying with TFASA in Oudtshoorn. This particular drawing captures it in sideslip, as though being looked at from another aircraft flying, over the region close to the general flying area with the alpha and beta vanes used for testing in the correct attitude. It even sports tufts on the tail showing the direction of airflow over the tail and a crew wearing parachute packs and helmets (not REALLY visible in truth, but in spirit they are there).

It was a hugely challenging, but rewarding work to do for Rhys Joseph, a returning client. I did it primarily in graphite pencil on sketchpad, but used a tiny bit of chalk to highlight certain regions and soften some background areas.

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