Chalk Pastel – Unto Darkness (Uchiha Itachi)

This is an A2 soft pastel portrait of Uchiha Itachi of Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden. It’s quite a dark scene, though true to the story line. It depicts the illusionary world that Itachi creates with one of his mangekyou sharingan eyes, with Itachi’s particular genjutsu technique of dissolving into crows, with inserts of the damage the Mangeku Sharingan did to him and his final death. I meant to add another scene of Itachi with his plain sharingan, but I ran out of space and did it as a separate A4 piece. Bordering the page on the bottom, I added the black flames that Itachi creates with his other mangekyou sharingan eye, called Amaterasu.

This is my own private piece, though I take it to markets with an appropriate audience on occasion.

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