Christmas present Max the Chihuahua – A3 chalk pastel


Karen messaged me and asked if on short notice I could do a chalk pastel of this gorgeous little Min Pin for Christmas, sorely missed by Mom. I agreed and she messaged around to get the best possible photo of the now deceased dog.

21 hours to completion and possibly nearly the fastest turnaround time I have had, this is chalk pastel drawing on Amedeo mixed media pad.

Once mom received her drawing of Max, though, she said that the photo captured him wearing the expression he wore when he was sad. She asked that I pick up his one ear to make him look more cheerful. Karen managed to find a great photo for me to work from, and I set to work to cheer Max up for his mom. 5 hours of work did the trick, and mom was delighted with the result. I added the first version of Max below for comparison.

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