Classic Nude in an Ocean of Organza

66 hours in the making, this is an oil on 24″ x 36″ deep canvas. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to do a tasteful nude, and both the skin tones and the challenging organza background had to be achieved in many layers. I cheated by drawing the model on the canvas first in pencil and then painted over it. I used quite bold colour in the beginning and added successive glazes over the whole to achieve the final product. Excluded from the 66 hours is the large amount of drying time that an oil needs, as forgiving and elegant a medium as it is.

In respect for the private nature of this work, I have disguised the identity of the model, and assured the client that I will not post this work on social media at all.

The secret to a successful classic nude is a skillful photographer, so I strongly recommend starting there for those wishing to commission one. I worked from a very good set of photographs for this piece.

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